Since being part of Deadly Runners the improvement in my mental and emotional well being have been enormous. I'm more healthy, I only take vitmins for my bones, I'm not on any medications, I have lots of energy and I'm more calmer.
I was so impressed by Georgia and the Deadly Runners that I actually relocated to the same town as the running group just so I could learn how to run.
Words cannot express my gratitude to Georgia, for starting this program. The benefits of running has changed my life forever.
At the beginning of the year my heart rate was 92 and this year after running with Georgia it went down to 68-that in itself is really amazing.
I was almost 50, overweight with the chronic condition of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) diagnosed at 38 with a negative attitude to match. Why on earth would I do this running program? I asked myself many times!
I was told if I didn't get my health in check, I wouldn't see my next birthday and after completing the program and running my first 30 minutes non-stop I am on half my previous insulin injections.