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Deadly Runners provides structured running sessions that are interwoven with cultural
values and community building

Deadly Runners is a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated impactful initiative aimed at fostering physical health, mental well-being, and community cohesion among Indigenous Australians through running and cultural engagement programs. Positioned as a key health and cultural promoter, Deadly Runners invites funding and partnerships to further enhance and expand its reach within and beyond current locations.

Notable Results

The Deadly Runners program
has demonstrated significant success in enhancing health and professional development within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities,
particularly in regions such as Narooma, Wallaga Lake, and Batemans Bay. Notably, over the past year, 58 individuals have engaged with the program, with an impressive completion rate of 91% for at least being able to run 5km non-stop. This high completion rate underscores the program’s effectiveness in promoting physical, mental, family, economic, emotional, social and behavioural benefits”

Deadly Runners achieves real results and significant health outcomes

Don't just take our word for it...

Since being part of Deadly Runners the improvement in my mental and emotional wellbeing has been enormous. I'm more healthy, I'm not on any medications anymore, I only take vitamins for my bones, I have lots of energy and I'm more calmer.

– Annette

the beginning of the year my heart rate was 92, and this year after running with Georgia it went down to 68 — that in itself is really amazing.

– Veronica

I was told if I didn't get my health in check, I wouldn't see my next birthday. And after completing the program and running my first 30 minutes non-stop, I am on half my previous insulin injections.

– Carmen

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