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The Deadly Runners team are passionate about changing lives through the power of running.

We love to partner with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Wellbeing Organisations, Government, and anyone keen to influence the health of First Nations People for the better by running our programs within communities. Each participant is cared for wholistically by conducting a fitness test, as well recording their biometrics throughout the program. We also survey mental & emotional wellbeing at the start and end of the program.

Notable Results

Some notable results from data collected from a survey of 30 people who completed the 8-week Beginners program saw:

  • 100% of participants improved their resting heart rate by an average of 16 beats per minute! This means their heart worked less, therefore reducing the risk of serious cardiac events. This means over a 12 month period an individuals heart beat 8.4 million times less
  • 100% improve their timed 1km run
  • 81% exprerienced weight loss.
  • Participants noticed improvements in sleep, and their ability to cope with stress better.

This program acheives real results and significant health outcomes

Don't just take our word for it...

Since being part of Deadly Runners the improvement in my mental and emotional well being have been enormous. I'm more healthy, I only take vitmins for my bones, I'm not on any medications, I have lots of energy and I'm more calmer.

– Annette

At the beginning of the year my heart rate was 92 and this year after running with Georgia it went down to 68-that in itself is really amazing.

– Veronica

I was told if I didn't get my health in check, I wouldn't see my next birthday and after completing the program and running my first 30 minutes non-stop I am on half my previous insulin injections.

– Carmen

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