Ginibi Robinson

Ginibi Robinson

Ngarigo Country (Captains Flat)

Age: 49

Occupation: Public Servant

Fav place to run: Ngunnawa/Ngambri

Where is your mob from?
Bundjalung Nth Coast mob

Why did you join the QDR?
For fitness, to challenge myself and connectedness with other mob who are keen to have a healthy lifestyle but also enjoy each others company!! Such a deadly mob caring can have a deadly laugh & supportive of each other. Running mornings are the highlight often of my day!!

What changes have you noticed since you starting running? Physical, mental or emotional?
My fitness has increased including stamina more muscles. I think or maybe that's just hope haha!! Love the connection with everyone in the group making new & stronger connections & friends!! The encouragement everyone gives each other & the yarns are deadly!! The days the running group is on I have so much more energy throughout the day. Not only that, it allows me to survive the day at work which can be stressful. The mob at work are even talking about starting a lunchtime running group now as I yarn up about how deadly DR is!!! The inspiration of Georgia is deadly keeps raising the bar & encourages & keeps all of us motivated!!

What do you enjoy most about the running group?
The yarns, the fun, the commitment & encouragement everyone gives each other. When I'm feeling slack I don't want to let the group down!! And running is addictive it is too deadly!!!!

What advice would you give to someone who was struggling with the motivation to start exercising?
Just do it!!! The thinking about it is the hardest being in a group is deadly too...let go of the fear it's the fear that holds us all back & it's only in our minds